Real Homes - Тема Недвижимость.

Итак, подъехала версия 3.5.0

  • Added – Real Estate Agencies support.
  • ReEngineered – Theme styles customization options.
  • Added – Agent search field in Advance Search form.
  • Added – Fluid width template.
  • Added – Homepage diagonal section angle enable/disable option.
  • Added – Footer widgets area columns control option.
  • Added – Social login support for Modern design variation.
  • Added – Currency switcher support for Modern design variation.
  • Added – Four columns footer support for Modern design variation.
  • Added – Advance Search label edit option as text for Modern design variation.
  • Added – SVG support for several icons where png icons were used.
  • Added – Pages title explode enable/disable option.
  • Improved – Contact information widget by adding title field.
  • Improved – Main Menu colors for active child/parent buttons.
  • Improved – Visual Composer element tab.
  • Improved – Search page’s found results counter.
  • Improved – Property fields description.
  • Improved – User dropdown in header area.
  • Improved – Agent contact information fields color.
  • Improved – Styles for iHomefinder Optima Express plugin.
  • Improved – Auto focus to user login form after its dialog box displays.
  • Fixed – Properties index page access issue with contributor or editor role on backend.
  • Fixed – Infinite loop bug for dsIDXpress pages.
  • Fixed – Main menu buttons description minor style issue.
  • Fixed – Gravatar loading problem on SSL enabled site.
  • Fixed – Compare properties missing placeholder image issue.
  • Fixed – Property deletion redirect issue on SSL enabled site.
  • Fixed – Minor RTL and other style issues.
  • Updated – Theme packed plugins and extensions.
  • Updated – Theme translation files.
  • Updated – Documentation.
  • Improved – Child Theme.
Перезалейте, пожалуйста, файл удален
Хорошая тема, только цвет текста слишком серый, не могу найти можно ли через кастомайзер изменить цвет на более темный или нужно в код лезть? И вторая проблема, ссылки вообще не видны на этом сером тексте, никак не выделяются, подскажите пожалуйста как их выделить для пользователя?
2.1 будет локализация?
Здравствуйте, а есть ли русификация для 3.6
Очень нужно...
Хоть какая-нибудь версия- пусть и старая- но под эту тему найдется?

Доброго времени суток. 3.9.6 по ссылке

  • Added – Search Form Over Image module for Modern Design with related settings in homepage’s metaboxes.
  • Added – Fresh design for Login & Register dialog to improve user experience, related customization options are provided through customizer.
  • Added – Property Field Builder, Now you can add new fields to property. Newly added fields can also be used in properties search form and property submit form.
  • Added – Dynamic Location field support to handle large number of locations in database, related settings provided under Search Form Locations.
  • Added – Property Views/Analytics module for property detail page with related settings.
  • Added – WalkScore Support for Property Detail Page.
  • Added – Yelp Nearby Places Support for Property Detail Page.
  • Added – reCAPTCHA 3 support with related plugin settings. ( reCAPTCHA 2 is still supported )
  • Added – Markers Cluster Support for OpenStreetMap.
  • Added – Customizer option and metabox field to replace agent & agency contact form globally and individually with a third party form’s plugin.
  • Added – Professionally designed email template for contact, agent and agency emails, with related customizer settings to change its styles.
  • Added – Responsive header’s style customization options for Modern.
  • Added – New Child/Sub Properties variation to display sub/child properties in tabular format.
  • Added – Global setting in customizer to choose default template for property single.
  • Added – Core Property Meta Data and Taxonomies to Properties RSS Feed.
  • Added – Instagram field to front end profile edit template.
  • Added – Option to show/hide advance search expander button for Modern
  • Added – Option to control the number of similar properties to display.
  • Added – Option to customize ‘No results found!’ text on search results template.
  • Added – Global option to choose property detail page’s gallery layout.
  • Added – Option of Excerpt Length for properties grid and list layouts.
  • Added – Option to control number of properties to mark on map for properties archive pages.
  • Added – Options to exclude property statuses from search form.
  • Added – Added Excerpt option for Properties Elementor widgets.
  • Added – Support for Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks plugin.
  • Improved – Half Map Template’s map.
  • Improved – Elementor widgets by including layout columns setting in necessary widgets.
  • Improved – Elementor News/Blog Posts widget by introducing dynamic pagination.
  • Improved – Partners Elementor widget by adding image size option.
  • Improved – Elementor Pro compatibility by providing custom logo support.
  • Improved – Banner customization ability by providing more customization options under styles panel.
  • Improved – Memberships page’s functionality.
  • Improved – Property Grid and List layout styles.
  • Improved – Contact page map’s longitude and latitude fields parsing to handle corrupted values.
  • Improved – Property price code by adding WordPress filter hook to customize it using child theme.
  • Improved – Settings and code for number of properties to display on a page.
  • Improved – Profile picture priority over Gravatar in modern user menu.
  • Improved – Property Features list on property single in modern.
  • Improved – Search Form Over Image for Modern.
  • Improved – iPanorama 360 Pro support.
  • Improved – Footer in case of low or no contents.
  • Improved – Updated FontAwesome to Version 5
  • Improved – WPML translation support by adding couple of missing strings to wpml-config and improving code at couple of places with respect to WPML.
  • Improved – Plugins & TGM code.
  • Improved – Metaboxes related code in overall theme.
  • Improved – Refactored & Improved overall code with respect to Envato’s latest requirements.
  • Fixed – Property Features custom uploaded icon display issue.
  • Fixed – Contact Form Over Slider’s inconsistent behaviour for Classic.
  • Fixed – reCAPTCHA’s overlapping on mobile screens.
  • Fixed – Social Sharing show or hide option in customizer.
  • Fixed – WhatsApp number link in header.
  • Fixed – Custom labels inconsistency on compare properties page.
  • Fixed – Drag & Drop for properties search form’s fields.
  • Fixed – Shared by email functionality.
  • Fixed – Label background for Featured Properties widget in Modern.
  • Fixed – Profile image duplication issue.
  • Fixed – lang attribute in HTML tag.
  • Fixed – Coordinates search on property submit page.
  • Removed – scripts combining options and related functionality to load only required JavaScript on a page.

может кто-то поделится???
Последнее редактирование модератором:
есть перевод для темы. покупал для Real Homes Version 2.6
VERSION 4.2.1 – UPDATED ON 27th October 2023
Added - Contact page OpenStreetMaps marker icon support
Added - Dashboard header logo customizer options
Added - Gallery filters on/off control customizer option
Added - Latest PayPal payments API method for individual properties payment
Improved - Property social sharing icons on responsive screens
Improved - Header menu tags alignment in Modern design
Improved - Content area top space in Ultra variation
Improved - Email template colors and control settings
Fixed - Elementor Search Form widget submit button duplicate issue
Fixed - SSL issue for DatePicker styles CDN URL on the single property page
Fixed - Empty DOM issue when no Dashboard module is enabled
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