Magento Full Page Cache Engines: general usage/problems/hints

Which magento Full Page Cache Engine do you prefer/use

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i go for Turpentine - Varnish Cache
Anyone got working Amasty FPC with Plugincompany - Search Autocomplete? Please share your experience.
а какие ньюансы использования модуля кэша?
есть какие-то настройки, особенности? или просто установил и все - стало быстрее...?
As I tested,I use lest fpc last.It is the most suitable for my requirements.Some fpc I tested: EE Fpc, bubble fpc,Amasty FPC,Mirasvit Full Page Cache, all of thenm has some problem more or less.
While for the redis cache server which I use it in the same server with website, it has problem when the memory exceed 8 GB when I refresh the redis which would cause the website crashed.
And no other big problems.
Hi all i am using amasty Full page cache its work fine my live site but memory speed some of the times down
А как прописать виджет "Вы недавно просматривали" в динамичные блоки?

how create a hole punch for widget "recently viewed products" (cms widgets)?
Which fpc extension are you using?
Did anyone see different with Amasty Full Page Cache on Magento 2.1 ?
For me use lesti FPC extension for a big project with multiwebsite and it works fine