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Плагин Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

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16 Мар 2012
Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress
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Версия: 4.0
Требует минимум WP: 3.5
Проверена совместимость до версии WP: 3.8.1
Автор плагина:
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Visual Composer 4 замечательный плагин для редактирования страниц прямо в WordPress. как с фронт-энд так и с админки
Нет ли у кого-нибудь свежего Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder ?

Модератор: В теме накопилось множество не актуальных постов. Кроме того, плагин давно изменил название на WPBakery Page Builder.

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WPBakery Page Builder
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Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress v4.0.3

20.03.2014 – ver 4.0.3
Bug fix round
- Cloning elements in frontend is handled better
- Enable/Disable Responsiveness in the backend from settings page
- “Edit with Visual Composer” button in the admin bar now shows for correct user roles (who have access rights)
- vc_disable_frontend() function enhanced
- “TypeError: $(…).wpColorPicker” error illuminated
- VC button in the backend received a facelift
- Visual Composer support for child themes improved
- Element dependencies tweaked to work with multiple values
09.04.2014 – ver 4.0.5
- Compatibility with new TinyMCE version in WordPress 3.9 added
- Logic behind license activation button changed. Clicking activate button will save all fields
- Image carousel popup next/prev links show correct images
- Mobile screen width setting in design options updated to new less/css
- “Show only Visual Composer” in “User groups access rules” fixed
- Extra CSS class appended to the separator element
17.04.2014 - ver 4.1.1
- z-index value for add element modal box increased
- Improved element stacking on mopbile devices
- Links now work in WP Text element
- WP Menus element is populated on init event now
- Removed console.log in js file
- IE10 fix for TinyMCE

16.04.2014 - ver 4.1
- New: Shortcode Mapper, map any third party shortcode to Visual Composer with an easy to use interface
- New: Design options for Row, Columns, Text block, Single image and Video block elements. Add baackground color/image, paddings, border and margins. Tons of variations. You are a designer now!
- New: Now you can group your params in tabs
- White color for button added
- Colors are now visible as actual colors in the dropdowns instead of "plain names"
- Color picker have alpha chanel now
- .po/.mo files updated
22.04.2014 – ver 4.1.2
WP 3.9 compatibilty update
- php warning/notices in mapper.php
- Read more text in post grid is now translable
- Autocomplete z-index in loop param increased
- Tiny MCE get active editor logic improved
- vc_add_param() and other helpers api functions are back to normal
- WP 3.9 select link in WYSIWYG editor works now
- When default text is removed from wysiwyg editor it will not be back on next edit
12.05.2014 - ver
- Typo in js code fixed, which prevented rows from cloning in backend editor

09.05.2014 - ver 4.1.3
- Checkbox dependencies works now
- Dependencies logic is executed upon edit screen opening
- Textarea HTML is added in th shortcode mapper for use with content attribute
- z-index for modals is lowered
- Post grid: link to post works by default
- Auto suggestion in query builder now gives hint after 2 chars
- Message box and Warning box correctly displayed in the backend editor
- vc_add_param()/vc_remove_element() works again
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