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22 Май 2012
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Applicable to the construction of social e-commerce community, shopping sharing , photography exchange community, gourmet sharing and other types of websites.
  • Designed for medium to large sites, designed to establish sharing community website, and with complete user social relationships
  • Integrate popular interface elements,there are pictures and more eye-catching labels, perfect support waterfalls flow, time-axis interface layout and other fashion design.
  • Perfect style system, easy to switch, one theme can have many color style, very convenient for UI designer.
  • O2O system, Good shop system, any user can share their visited shops, and share their happy hours in ther
  • Support articles, pictures and videos. Support Twitter and Facebook login.
  • Sensitive word filtering system to effectively prevent the bad shares and articles.
  • Powerful user management console, the function structure is very clear.
  • Perfect user group level and rating system. You can set your own credit formula in the admin console.
  • Less CSS language support, the system compress the js and css automaticlly, greatly improving the pages loading speed
  • Twitter Bootstrap template support, administrator can modify the basic interface settings in the console.
  • WYSIWYG editor for content editing. Support user group level, the division of authority
  • Puzzing Social's Framework based on CodeIgniter. And combined with our experience in architecture, we designed a highly scalable foundation framework. The cache system's performance is very excellence, stability is very reliable.
  • Local uploading, remote image grab, articles, reduce visual fatigue caused by pure picture
  • A variety of multiple page layout can be selected, such as Home random layout, 4,6,9 grids in album page.
  • URL rewriting rules , SEO settings , fully optimized search engines.
  • Multi-language support, our systems are based on language package design, so it's very easy to add a new language package.
  • PHP5 + Mysql development, support Linux / Windows server environment , support for Apache / Nginx / IIS Web server