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28 Май 2006
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too many peeps enter this forum without reading the rules. you can find the rules in EACH forum in the english section, and if ur a newbie, you REALLY need to read them.

some members have asked WHY they cant express their gratitude with a THX message. there are 3 reasons for that - in this forum.

1) in order to see (all the) posts you need a certain postcount. some posts requires 2 posts to be read, other 15 and other 25 (or whatever amount of posts the poster sets). that means that you will have to have made so and so many posts urself before you can see other posts.

why? to make everyone contribute/share something.

but, some people think they smart. they think they real clever and start posting THX posts, one after the other - and as such, sharing nothing.

also, posting useless crap-messages, that is of no use for the members, are regarded as THX messages.

these members will be BANNED for ever, and will not be able to access this forum again, not even with a new username. we have a detection system that log all and any such attempts.

2) THX messages takes a lot of space, making it harder to actually find usefull stuff in the posts. use the
button instead.

3) lots of useless messages slows the forum down.

the above is THE most common reason for being banned. help urself by helping us, follow this simple rule.

thx for reading

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