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24 Мар 2006
Бесплатные скрипты для раскрутки от KloakIt.com

Here is where you can find KloakIt's growing collection of freeware CGI scripts. Please note that I do not provide support for these scripts.

Page A Day
This is a helper script which you can cron to create cloaked pages for you on a regular basis.

This powerful PHP script allows you to pull keyword-based RSS feeds from MSN's search results. Talk about optimized content!!

Keyword Miner
Keyword Miner is a script that will "mine" keywords for you using Overture's keyphrase suggestion tool. What it does is takes a keyword phrase (or a list of keyword phrases) you provide and queries Overture's suggestion database for a list of related keywords. Then it takes that list and does the same thing over again. You can specify the number of levels to "drill" and also the amount of time to wait between each query. It's handy for coming up with new keywords for your site that you might not have thought of yourself.

Formparse is a script built to handle the processing of web forms. It was originally written by Keith Gardner of CABERNET'S CGI CELLAR and I wrote a security upgrade for it. Keith gave me permission to distribute the script with my changes. Thanks Keith!
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