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Плагин Essential Grid v1.0.7 – WordPress

Всем добрый, у меня проблема. Поставил плагин настроил, для товаров. Но когда добавляешь товар в корзину он добавляется но при обновлении страницы товар опять добавляется и так до бесконечности. Как с этим бороться?
Последняя с Энвато
Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!
Version 2.1.5 Artemis (29th June 2017)
Чистая, купленная мной

Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!
Версия 2.1.6, чистая
Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!
Essential Grid - Premium grid plugin
Version Artemis (31st July 2017)
  • Fixed TagList tracing issue
  • Fixed Ajax video playback issue for video streams
Version 2.1.6 Artemis (31st July 2017)
  • Added image source size option for mobile devices
  • Added new Author Posts Page, Author Website, Author Avatar (different sizes) metas/elements for items skins
  • Added new Date metas/elements for items skins
  • Added option to show the post's Alternative Image on hover
  • Added ability to show the item's media and cover content side by side
  • Added new Taxonomies meta/element for items skins
  • Added new Stream "Behance"
  • Added new "Post Content" lightbox option
  • Added new admin color-picker with support for background gradients
  • 3rd party shortcodes now possible inside Custom Meta
  • Added additional sanitation for manually written links
  • Added new skin options to make showing content without a hover easier
  • Leaving the "Filer All Text" blank will just auto-hide the button
  • Improved responsiveness for default lightbox
  • Fixed Nav Search Shortcode not outputting
  • Fixed Wistia not loading in Lightbox
  • Fixed cover not disappearing when using SoundCloud
  • Fixed image src "undefined" issue when no featured image is set
  • Fixed Load More for Grids build by WP Gallery
  • Fixed Ajax Callback not working in some cases
Последнее редактирование:
Essential Grid Version - чистая
Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!
Essential Grid 2.2.2 - - The Original Premium Grid Plugin
Version 2.2.2 Artemis (2nd March 2018)

Fixed Lightbox "Content Gallery" option
Fixed Grid Creation Ajax Error message upon multiple save
Fixed older PHP compatability ("Fatal Error" messages)
Fixed HTML5 Audio source compatibility for Safari
Fixed Disable Lightbox option in Global Settings
Fixed missing essgrid_get_posts filter


Version 2.2.1 Artemis (23th February 2018)
Fixed Limited Custom Grid Items
Version 2.2 Artemis (23th February 2018)
Upgraded default Lightbox to FancyBox 3 which includes:
Ability to display a Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, SoundCloud & iFrame
Improved Mobile Display and Mobile Usability
Deep Linking for sharing Lightbox content
Ability to zoom/pan images at their original size
New button option to allow for image downloads
New content display animations
Upgraded Instagram Integration
Added new Instagram Searches Tag(s), Location/Places
Added new Instagram Mix Search Results
Added new Instagram possibility to add multiple users, tags, places
Added new optional Icon Fonts Font-Awesome, PE Stroke 7
Added new Source Type "NextGen" Galleries (visible when the NextGen Galleries plugin is activated)
Added new Source Type "Real Media Library" (visible when the Real Media Library plugin is activated)
Added funtionality to complete the sentence in the excerpt/content after x minumum words
Added new "Like(heart) Post" functionality for WordPress posts
Added share links for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest (Skin Editor)
Added Featured Grid Meta Option to replace the Featured Image of Posts with an Essential Grid
Added Filter Deeplinking Functionality (Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся)
Added "No Filter Match" Text Global Option
Added Max Posts in Preview option for large blogs
Added Button to find downloadable skins in Import/Export page
Media Filters can now be turned off to clean up the backend (via Global Settings)
Removed set_ess_grid_as_theme function because it causes trouble with premium plugin customers
String links in Social Stream Contents are now converted to real HTML links
Icon Font loading is now optional
FullScreen button added to embedded YouTube videos
Related Posts grids now exclude the current post
Not usable Filter/Search fields not in the frontend output (for Stream and Gallery sources)
Not usable Filter/Search fields not in the backend "Available Modules" (for Stream and Gallery sources)
Replaced depricated WooCommerce get_cart_url with wc_get_cart_url
Removed admin page redirect on new grid creation
Fixed ESG-VC integration issue for Amazon S3 servers
Fixed adding Custom Image Search Field focus issue
Fixed Twitter image / text issues with extended tweets
Fixed Instagram dates displaying current system date instead of photo creation date
Fixed links over layers getting broken when HTML Link was inside this layer's content
Removed create_function() calls to gain compatibility with latest PHP version
Fixed WPML conflict in Post Grids Category navigation
Fixed issue with mailto links in Meta fields
Fixed issue with "Taxonomy List" Layers
Fixed Video Media Poster fetching non-https images
Fixed Custom CSS class names for skins
Fixed some imported grids missing a default source type
Fixed WooCommerce demo grid defaults
Fixed double-lightbox issue