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how do I import Newsletter subscribers in M2
Hosting solutions, cloud and VPS offers for Magento 2:
Guys let's share our experiences about VPS and cloud solutions for Magento 2.
There are so many well-prices offers out there but since many of them don't list exact hardware specification I thought it would be really helpful to know each other's experiences.
The famous ones are OVH, DigitalOcean, Linode, Hetzner, ScaleWay, Vultr & .... And there are some Russian ones with very good prices!
I've seen 6 Cores + 8GB RAM + 80GB NVMe SSD for around 30$.

Let's say some modules are a must, like (Amasty or Mirasvit Elastic) what do you suggest for different price points and scale levels? Appreciate feedback.
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