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19 Окт 2016
1645131546041.png4SEO is our latest SEO extension. We've been working on it for nearly a year but it's the direct result of 14 years of experience working with Joomla SEO.

It uses the latest technology, new in the Joomla world, to provide a best-in-class and fastest user experience but combines it with our SEO experience to let you achieve the best possible SEO results.

Our goal: automate every bit of SEO work that can be automated, but let you customize everything with the easiest user interface. This is why many 4SEO features can be accessed directly from the front-end of your site.

SEO covers all important SEO areas:
  • Images sitemaps with automatic detection in content
  • Support for listing automatically IgniteGallery and PhocaGallery images to your sitemap
  • Automatic measurement of Core Web Vitals, Google speed test for ranking pages!
  • Exclude content from sitemap if older than a number of days**, for some categories or only some extensions
  • K2 and Hikashop built-in support: crawling, structured data, OpenGraph/Twitter Cards
  • FAQPage structured data support
  • Page canonicalization
  • Page metadata management: on frontend or backend
  • Structured data generation generation: automated or manual
  • Social networks meta tag generation: automatic sharing image detection, OGP and Twitter Cards tags
  • XML Sitemaps generation and automatic submission to search engines, exclude archived content, exclude content older than a number of days
  • Errors detection: 4SEO finds broken links and tells you exactly where they are
  • Redirections: one or many pages at a time with simple rules, no more fiddling with .htaccess
  • Content replacement: replace content, or link to pages automatically
  • Analytics management: multiple providers including Google Analytics Universal and Version 4, Google Tag manager, Facebook Pixel, Cloudflare or Clarity
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